It is rare these days that a doctor provides home visits, so it is important that you’re prepared and ready for the visit. Please have copies of your insurance cards available and also have a copy of your list of your current allergies and medications with dosing. Please provide a brief medical history as well if you're able. Please have a sink with antibacterial soap and paper towels for the end of the home visit, if possible - otherwise I have hand sanitizer and wipes at all times.

What you can expect of me and my service.

  • I provide podiatry services in the privacy of your home.
  • I provide safe and sanitary trimming of toenails including thinning and filing of nails, corn and callus removal and filing of rough skin, removal of ingrown toenails. Dermatological/skin evaluation and recommendations and application of lotion. I can also offer tips to maintain foot health and wellness.
  • I will bring everything I need to our visit including disposable towels, sterilized instruments, antiseptics, bandages, lotions and paperwork. All I need is you and your feet.
  • Please allow an arrival window of 30 minutes before or after your scheduled appointment. I will call you if my schedule is running very later or very early.
  • Please be alert for my arrival and listen for the doorbell or a knock. If your door is unlocked, I will enter and announce myself loudly.

What I expect of you.

  • In order to make the most of our time and your visit, please have your insurance cards available and provide any updates on your insurance at each visit. If you have a specialist copay, please have your payment with cash or check ready at the visit. I will ask you who is your primary care doctor (PCP) and approximately when you last saw that doctor.
  • Prior to my arrival, please be sure your feet are clean. I encourage soaking prior to the visit if your nails are hard to cut or if your feet are sensitive. I can work anywhere the lighting is good and I can get to your feet like a recliner, footrest or even in your bed or while seated in a wheelchair.
  • Kindly extinguish your cigarettes and lower the TV volume so we can communicate effectively.
  • I love all of your pets but if they are a distraction with barking or jumping then that only takes away from our visit time.

What to expect at your visit.

New patient visits take about 20 minutes if you’re prepared with insurance cards, medication list and all information needed on the first visit. Established patient visits take about 15 minutes for routine footcare. You can expect professional, quality, gentle foot care from a knowledgeable, caring, compassionate doctor who has many years of experience in home health care. If you prefer to soak or soften your nails and feet for your visit, please do so prior to my arrival. It is ok to have your feet in the water when I arrive, I’ll even help you dump the water!

  • Arrive
  • Lights on or drapery opened for best care
  • Elevate feet, draping area with disposable towel
  • Antiseptic application
  • Foot care
  • Application of lotion to legs and feet with mini massage
  • Help with socks and shoes
  • Disposal of soiled supplies
  • Lights off or drapery closed if needed
  • Tips and scheduling instructions
  • Exit

Advanced Podiatric Procedures & Services in the Lake County and Cuyahoga County, OH areas