Will my insurance cover?

First off, always keep in mind that no 2 patients are alike, no 2 feet are alike, and everyone has different insurance with different plans, deductibles and copays. Just because your neighbor is covered doesn’t necessarily mean you’re covered too.

In order to use your insurance, eligible patients must meet certain criteria for footcare based upon diagnosis such as diabetes, neuropathy, poor circulation, thick fungal toenails, painful toenails, anticoagulant therapy/blood thinners, or multiple Sclerosis. In addition to meeting this criteria, patients must present insurance cards and have podiatry included in their covered services. If you have not met your current year deductibles you must pay any necessary copays at the time of our visit. Payments can be made with check, bank autopay, or cash at visits. Sorry I do not take credit/debit cards.

If you’re not covered by insurance or if you prefer to pay out of pocket, please contact Dr. Whaley to discuss fees for services in your area.

Most senior centers are not facilities where insurance can be billed. The senior centers offer a discounted fee for service, usually $25 paid by cash or check. Credit cards not accepted.

A note on billing insurance. I use a billing agency to help with the complications of medical billing. I’ve used the same company for 20+ years. The billing manager is named Laura and she can be reached at 440-786-9007. Just like at all doctor office visits, your insurance is billed, and any outstanding balance will be mailed to your address on file.

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